Daehyun(Damon) Kim

I'm a financial data analyst who is interested in making useful results based on raw financial data in the world and prefer automating everything I can do. I have lots of experiences in financial data analyses that have helped me improve my software developing skills and understand the literature of finance industry.

Currently I'm in charge of Index team of department of quantitative analysis in FnGuide since 2014. I have developed and maintained numerous benchmark indices for ETFs, ETNs and Index funds in this team. I'm responsible for communication with management departments in asset management firms.

As a developer I have single-handedly developed investment-related software (Financipe), which contains "Stock news cloud", "Stock keyword search", "Strategy factory" etc. I do believe that I can help individuals who are in short information of stock market. Also, I hope that we can find market inefficiency with the Financipe, which eventually helps to improve our performance of portfolio. You can check Financipe through www.financipe.com